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Photo intro tasting pass


The ultimate self-guided food tour

The Paris Food Passport curates a selection of the best local food stores in Paris. From classic French food (frogs, cheese, wine…) to the trendiest foods in town (crafted coffee, pastel de nata…), create your perfect Food Trip during your stay in Paris.

  • Information about food, artisans and Paris
  • Easy use map to find the tasting locations
  • 6 to 12 different food tastings
  • Access to the Food Trip Mobile app
  • 24/7 assistance and food recommendations
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photo intro pass paris
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A selection of delicious local food

pictogramme productDuck Pate

Duck Pate

Gers is one of the most gourmet regions in France… It is the region where the French paradox first appeared: although the cuisine is rich and uses a lot of duck fat, the Gers people live to be old and heart-healthy. The quality of the duck meat is incredible, and Maison Tête is one of the best when it comes to meat specialties.

pictogramme productFoie gras

Foie gras

Foie gras is one of French gastronomy’s treasures. It is made from the liver of fattened geese and ducks with the option of added salt, pepper, Armagnac, or other spices. Foie gras can either be semi-cooked or preserved in terrines, jars or tins.

pictogramme productConfiture


Jam consists of fruit pulp, water and sugar. For many years, making jam was the primary method to preserve soft fruits for long periods due to the quantity of sugar used. Jam making became popular in France when sugar beet was discovered in the 19th century.

pictogramme productIberian Bellota Ham

Iberian Bellota Ham

The perfect ham is a combination of a very specific pig breed, with an unusual metabolism, raised in large lands, with natural feeding, many acorns (“bellota” in spanish) followed by a long, natural curing. All in all, a very challenging task! Production of Iberian bellota ham is an art : from tracking the best pigs to slicing the ham, not forgetting the maturation period that can last for 5 years.

pictogramme productMerveilleux


This cake is a real blessing. Its meltingly-soft meringue and delicious topping has converted many people. It consists of two meringues held together by whipped cream and a pinch of chocolate shavings - this cake is a lot lighter than it looks!

pictogramme productCalisson


This delicious candy is one of the specialties of Provence. Candied melons and oranges are mixed with almond paste. The mixture is laid on a layer of feuille d'hostie (the thin wafer the catholic host is made of) and topped with royal icing.

pictogramme productOlive Oil

Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil has been produced in the Provence region of Southern France for centuries. In this sunny part of France, around a hundred varieties of olives are available. The way the olives are picked and prepared greatly influences the taste of the final product. The different tastes of olive oils depend on the time when the olive is picked and pressed.

pictogramme productTruffle spread

Truffle spread

It is the black diamond of the French cuisine! Generally thought to be a mushroom, truffle is actually the fruiting body of a specific fungus. There are more than 100 different variety of truffle, but the the best one has to be the Périgourdian Black Truffle, also called Tuber Melanosporum, coming from the Périgord region, South of France

pictogramme productLe Puy green lentils

Le Puy green lentils

Let’s go to Auvergne! This historical region in the middle of France is famous for its astonishing landscapes, but also for food, especially the Green Lentils from Puy. They are considered by many to be the best lentil because of their unique peppery flavour and the fact they hold their shape during cooking. They are the only lentil to be identified by area of cultivation - grown in 88 small towns near Le Puy region. This small slate-green lentil is delicious with salmon or sausage but also perfect in a salad! For a taste of a travel to Auvergne, you can trust Didier who took over l’Ambassade d’Auvergne, an historical restaurant in Paris, before opening the first grocery shop dedicated to Auvergne’s products : la Petite Ambassade where Michèle will welcome you. You will taste the traditional lentil salad et discover the two secret ingredients : walnut oil from the Moulin de Méjane and the moutarde from Charroux.

pictogramme productSalted butter Caramel

Salted butter Caramel

Salted butter caramels is one of Brittany's most emblematic specialities. Made from a simple recipe that blends sugar with butter and «fleur de sel», these candies were a real success after the war, at a time when people were rediscovering sugar.

pictogramme productCookie


Cookies aren’t the first thing that come to mind when discussing French food. This pastry is internationally famous but still, it can be difficult to find authentic ones made with love by passionate artisans. In Paris, locals trust the secret cookies of Jean Hwang Carrant, an American woman who has been living in Paris for 25 years !

pictogramme productChocolate


One of Paris’ best kept secrets for chocolate, this tiny shop is a real gem. Only a few chocolate shops make their own chocolate from bean-to-bar, and the difference is real ! Andrès personally roasts and processes the cocoa beans he selects during his travels.

pictogramme productSeasonal cheese

Seasonal cheese

Cheese is generally not considered a seasonal product by many people, but it definitely is, its own way. The taste of the milk used to make the cheese is naturally determined by the quality of the herbs eaten by the animals, which is not constant all year long. The ripening will also play a big part. In Winter, you will easily find Alpine cheese, produced during Summer and reaching maturity at the end of the year, while Spring will be great for goat cheeses. All year long, you can trust Mariette and Frédéric to pick the best cheeses, selected from various small producers they met during their yearly “Tour de France”. Thankfully, Mariette left her banking job to open this incredible cheese shop while Frédéric share his life with another passion : the cello.

pictogramme productRaw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate

This is a unique way to make chocolate ! In this Cocoa factory, they only make raw chocolate. Frédéric Marr uses a new process, consisting of using unroasted cocoa beans, and has succeed to reinvent the chocolate experience. Raw chocolate is made by grinding the raw cacao beans and never heating them above 42 degrees celsius. This gentle preparation reveals the cacao’s beauty, strength and magical subtleties. Avoiding exposure to oven temperatures also allows the preservation of nutrients, in a similar way to uncooked vegetables. You can easily see how they make it as the factory is attached to the shop : the cocoa nibs are placed in a stone grinder, then in a tempering machine before being moulded in bars or truffles or other organic chocolate treats. It’s not only good but also very healthy…!

pictogramme productGaufres


Waffles are one of the oldest treats in Paris. During the 13th century, waffle makers were selling their products on the streets of Paris or at the church doors on Sundays. Originating from North of France and Belgium, there are many types and recipes for waffles.

pictogramme productCanelés


Soft inside and crunchy outside: it's all the magic of this sweet little cake flavoured with rum and vanilla. It comes from the South-West of France, near Bordeaux, but it is nowadays popular throughout France. Unfortunately only a few pastry chefs know how to make it the right way.

pictogramme productTea


Not many people know that tea can be brewed in cold water despite the fact that this technique releases wonderful flavors. Using room-temperature water to brew tea allows all the flavors and properties associated with the plants, flowers, spices and fruits to be extracted gently.

pictogramme productSaucisson


Saucisson is a very popular food in France. Thinly sliced and served on a platter, with a glass of red wine of course, is the classic way of eating them. Finding a good one can be a difficult task : its production needs talent and skills. A slow ripening and the breed of the animal (pork or beef) will make a big difference. You can spot a tasty saucisson by looking at its inconsistent skin and good smell. Let Philippe and Pierre find the best for you : they hunt the best farm products with the objective of connecting people with small producers. They opened a website called 'La Cigogne' (French for stork) where you can order online, just before opening this charming grocery shop where you can seat for a lunch!

pictogramme productMacaron


Initially, macarons looked nothing like they do today! The original 'maccherones' were small Italian dry cookies made from egg whites and almonds. However, in the 19th century a pastry chef experimented with the idea of binding two macarons with jam or pastry cream. This is how the Parisian macaron, which is extremely popular today, was born.

pictogramme productPastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata

Ok, this one is not French but Portuguese. But if you want to eat like a Parisian, this is definitely a must-do ! Invented by Christian nuns in the 19th century in Belem, a small town close to Lisbon, the pasteis de nata is currently trending in Paris. It is a small egg pastry tart topped with cinnamon or sugar.

pictogramme productEscargots


Ok, here we go with one of the most typical French food ! Yes, we are speaking about this little mollusc with a single spiral shell, but it’s not really the one you have at the back of your garden. This one is called Escargot de Bourgogne or Helix Pomatia, and is prepared with a very traditional recipe from Burgundy. Boiled with its shell, the escargot is then mixed with butter, herbs and garlic before being reintroduced in its shell.

pictogramme productBeaufort


In France, cheese is a serious matter. Almost half of French people eat cheese daily ! With more than 1,200 existing cheeses in the country, it’s hard to get bored of cheese! One of our favorites is the Beaufort from Savoy. It is produced exclusively from unpasteurized cow’s milk from the French Alps. The cows graze in the high Alpine pastures imparting a unique grassy, flowery aroma to the cheese.

pictogramme productRed Wine

Red Wine

France is home to 16 of the world’s 22 wine-growing regions. Even more impressive, 17 out of the 22 French regions - Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Bourgogne, Alsace, Corsica, Rhône - produce wine ! One can easily get lost in all the wine appellations - even French people.

pictogramme productLozère Honey

Lozère Honey

Honey can take on very different aspects and flavours according to its floral and geographical origins. Although it is found in many regions, it is not always of the same high quality as the one produced in the Lozere department, located in Occitania, South of France.

pictogramme productCoffee


We can finally drink good coffee in Paris! Parisian cafés are world-famous. However, the coffee they serve poorly reflects the city’s reputation. Fortunately, new craftsmen and roasters worked hard to give coffee back the place it deserves.

Meet authentic local artisans

photo Isabelle

Wine caviste

photo Matthieu

Pastry chef

photo Géraldine

Olive oil expert

photo Olivier

Breton biscuits

photo Sabrina & Andrés
Sabrina & Andrés

Chocolate maker

photo Martin

Tea Alchemist

Discover vibrant areas of Paris

Montmartre : One of the best place for food in town, a real gourmet paradise at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur church

Montorgueil : At the very center of Paris, many pedestrian streets bring you to some of the best food stores in town right by Le Louvre Museum

Marais : The oldest part of Paris and probably the most charming one with many secret places

Saint Germain des Près : another historical neighborhood of Paris with many great restaurants but also small food stores to discover

Champ-de-Mars : A fancy area hosting the great Eiffel Tower and a family neighborhood and upscale food stores

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your Food Passport now

After booking the Food Passport, you will receive an email indicating where and when you can pick it up.

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Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you are in Paris, you just have to go to one of the food stores indicated on the confirmation email and ask to pick up your Food Passport. You will be able to start you trip right away or save it for later.

Once you pick up the Food Passport, you just have to choose which products you want to taste and go by yourself to the tasting locations. Once there, you can exchange one coupon for the food tasting.

You can find the locations of the different tastings by clicking on this link and discover the opening hours of the shop by visiting this link

One Food Passport is for one person. You will need to book two Food Passports for your trip to Paris.


TripAdvisor Reviews

img TripAdvisor review

Taste your way through Paris at your own pace!

What a wonderful way to wander through Paris tasting amazing food and meeting the passionate people making it. I did A LOT of research on food tours and concluded that they just weren't for me. Instead, I made my own food tour with Le Food Trip and here's a secret: many of the places I visited were on much more expensive guided tours. I felt like such an insider! I also visited shops that were clearly not on the foodie tour circuit but maybe will be one day. Every shop easily switched to English to accommodate my poor French and every shop was glad to see me. My two big hints: 1) this is a great option for vegetarian foodies as you can pick your own destinations and avoid the foie gras and 2) go to the mustard store! That was my best experience. The shop owner was incredibly friendly, incredibly French, and delighted to share her amazing (and orange!) shop with me. What a great visit.

img TripAdvisor review

Amazing experience!

The food passport is such a wonderful way to discover Paris and to meet local artisans while learning about French culture. The wine tasting with Isabelle at Les Petits Domaines is a must. Highly recommended.

img TripAdvisor review

Food Trip

The food passport was ok! I like that it takes you around the city and your on your own, but many of the shops were closed when the times actually stated they would be open. But the stores that were open were all really nice.

img TripAdvisor review

A different kind of food tour!

This was very easy to do and can be done at your own pace. We met so many wonderful store owners along the way who took time to teach us of their food/drink. We only had three nights in Paris so we had to make a point to find the different establishments but there are several places to visit in each section of Paris that you may be sightseeing!

img TripAdvisor review

Le food trip

When we finally found the wine shop starting the trip, We got 12 stickers each and a map of central Paris , and a big glass of wine.
The shops on the tour are all tun by young passionate people glad to see you and share their passion about their products.
We spent 2 days wandering around Paris often getting lost but this meant we saw bits of Paris we would not have seen otherwise.
We got to taste food gras, duck pate, home made chocolate, macaroons, gouffre, cheese , teas, cookies, cake, eclair and more
We would highly recommend this trip. Every shop owner was lovely and there is no hard sell!

img TripAdvisor review

Must do for anyone visiting Paris

Le food trip was fantastic. Having visited Paris several times before this was the perfect way to see more of the city by taking leisurely walks through the streets, and stopping in for great tastings along the way. The shopkeepers were charming and incredibly informative - I highly recommend!

img TripAdvisor review

Food Trip

What a wonderful way to see and taste the best food in Paris. We enjoyed the duck pate ,Macron,wine tasting,moutarde tasting ,tea tasting,waffles,eclairs, mervilleux ,Olive oil,Absinthe tasting in two days

img TripAdvisor review

A great way to experience the city!

Food, wine, sweets, Paris... what's not to love? This was a great way to experience the city and at a great value.

img TripAdvisor review

Great time!

We really enjoyed taking this tour at our own pace. It was really fun to pick the shops we were most interested in. We do not speak French but everyone was so nice and helpful to us. They seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us and to teach us about their shop. We brought back some great gifts too! Excellent olive oil and jams just for example.

img TripAdvisor review

Nice way to try samples

We enrolled in Le Food Trip while in Paris recently. It was fun to try samples in places we might not have known about. Really enjoyed the cheese samples. We went to 2 places to try wine and our only complaint was that there was no place to sit down while we sampled.

img TripAdvisor review

Great way to visit experience Paris food, on your own pace and schedule

This was such a fun way to experience French culture through food on your own pace and schedule. They give you a couple different arrondisements with handpicked vendors to try various French regional foods and wines. The vendors, for the most part, were extremely friendly and eager to show their wares. And since you have already paid up front, they just collect your sticker and there is no obligation to buy anything, no high pressure sales, nothing. Simple enjoyment of unique food items.
From a booking standpoint, I emailed with Martin from Le Food Trip a few times to try to change our passport pickup location. They assign you one of the vendors where you pick up your passport (which has the information on the vendors, locations, maps, foods, hours, etc.). We were staying elsewhere and wanted to get our passport early, since one of the locations is near the Eiffel Tower where we had a time-based reservation for a specific day. He was able to change it to the tea shop (see picture), which had really great tea! This wasn't on the passport so we ended up paying for it, which was fine.
Overall, I would say, this does require some planning, as the shops are within walking distance of each other in each specific arrondisement, but the walking distance still takes time (and energy!). Many of them close for a couple hours in the afternoon, or a couple days a week. So I would recommend looking up the hours and days and planning out possible routes, and definitely prioritizing the vendors you want to visit (and budgeting, as we wanted to buy something at every vendor...). We ended up skipping a couple vendors because they were closed when we had time to go. From a planning standpoint, we went to each of the two arrondisements once each (we only had a 3 day stay in Paris).
Overall, would recommend to anyone visiting Paris, especially for the first time!

img TripAdvisor review

Brilliant and seamless experience

Absolutely brilliant experience with Le Food Trip. We did a wine and food tasting event through them as part of a hen party with 17 difficult to please young women (all from the legal, bank and executive industries). Wonderful experience and one of the highlights of weekend! I have no hesitation in recommending!




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