TASTING PASSPORT : Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Food Passport ?

A Food Passport is a pass that lets you taste 6 to 12 different products selected from local food businesses. As a booklet, it includes a map with the tasting locations, many explanations and anecdotes about the selection and 6 to 12 coupons to exchange for the tastings.

Which kind of products can I taste with the Food Passport ?

The Food Passport includes a wide selection of products made or sold by local food businesses. Each tasting includes a specific product. The tastings offering to meet the owner are indicated in you Food Passport. You can find the complete list of the selected food products on the Paris or Lyon page.

What is the difference with a food tour ?

The main difference is that the Food Passport is a self-guided food tour. You can complete it at your own pace, adding more flexibility and freedom to your trip. The Passport includes as many products as a classical Food Tour for a very lower price (35€ against 90€ in general for food tours).

I do not feel comfortable being on my own in Paris, can I book a guide ?

Yes, we provide optional guide services. They will set a time/location meeting and you will be able to visit the shops with a professional guide.

How can I pick up my Food Passport ?

Once booked, you should receive a confirmation email. Once you are in Paris, you just have to go to one of the food stores indicated on the confirmation email and ask to pick up your Food Passport. You will be able to start you trip right away or save it for later.

How does the Food Passport work ?

Once you pick up the Food Passport, you just have to choose which products you want to taste and go by yourself to the tasting locations. Once there, you can exchange one coupon for the food tasting.

How many tastings are included with the Food Passport ?

Depending on the city, we offer different plans : in Paris you can choose between 6 and 12 tastings depending on how many products you want to taste. In Lyon we only offer a 6 tasting plan.

How long can I use my Tasting Passport ?

Your passport is valid for 3 months after you pick it up.

I didn’t use all coupons during my trip, can I save them for later ?

If you are coming back to Paris within 3 months you will be able to use these coupons in the partner shops. If that is not the case, you can give them to anyone travelling to Paris within the 3 months.

Is the Food Passport appropriate for children ?

Yes, definitely ! The Food Passport includes a wide selection of products : there are many tastings that will be enjoyed by kids such as chocolate, macarons, pastries, jam…

How can I know which shops will be open during my trip ?

On you confirmation email, you will find a link to find the opening hours of the artisans’ shops. Some of the shops can be closed during your trip. The Food Trip app indicates the shops that are closed for holiday or day-off.

We are a couple, how many Food Passports do we need ?

One Food Passport is for one person. You will need to book two Food Passports for your trip to Paris.

What is the app for ?

The app geolocalizes the Food Trip stores and give your position without using data. It will be more easy to find the stores !

How can I download the app ?

In your confirmation email, there is a link to the Google Play store that will let you download our App. You will need your client number to get full access to the app.

How do you select the tastings ?

Our team is constantly meeting artisans and tasting products in Paris. We personally select artisans answering several requirements such as quality of the product, welcome service, English spoken…

How long can I use my Food Passport ?

You have 3 months to use your Food Passport ! You don't have to use it over only day. No rush !

I'm a solo traveler, is the Food Passport appropriate to do it on my own ?

Absolutely, many of our food trippers are solo travelers. It's a great opportunity to take your time and connect with passionate artisans.