Cheese tasting in Paris at L'Affineur Affiné

Discover a unique selection of fine cheese

Attention cheese lovers, here at l'Affineur Affiné there's more than a hundred (precisely 120) sort of cheese ! Be prepared to discover only the finest cheese that France, Italy, Spain and England have to offer.

Learn more about the French treasure

Did you know that every French personn eats around 30kg of cheese every year ? We're the world's largest cheese eaters ! You think 30kg is too much ? Well that's beacause you don't know enough amazing cheese shop like l'Affineur Affiné ! With 120 sorts of cheese, l'Affineur Affiné is one the best cheese shop in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Discover great cheese from France and else where. You will be able to travel thanks to the Spanish Manchego Anejo, the italien Moliterno al tartuffo the truffled cheese or the Montgomery's cheddar from England. The owners order their week selection at small producer and they selected only the best products that's why sometimes the selection may vary from week to week depending on the quality of the weekly arrivals.

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Iconic cheese and special encouners

Morgane and Matthieu, the owners went to one of the best cooking school in France, where they learn everything about quality, method, and of course about cheese history. The young couple is very welcoming and love to share their knowledge and passion about cheese with every visitor, and nobody leaves the shop without knowing at least 3 anectodes about cheese and of course we just have to try the iconic cheese of the shop : the comté Charles Arnaud which has been matured in the cellar of Fort des Rousses, an old fortress.

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