Foie Gras Tasting in Paris at Maison Dubernet

A unique French savoir-faire

Even if the Egyptian invented this very particular process, only the french people have been able to pay homage to it by making it a deluxe dish. Made of duck or goose liver, it is a unique preparation and every production has it's secret recipes. Usually it is made in the south ouest of France where gastronomy is a way of life. Be carreful, once you have taste it you will adopt it!

A Terroir treasure

Although foie gras is widely consumed during the holiday season, this dish is a symbol of French gastronomy. This unique preparation is widly loved by french, indeed 92% of french people eat foie gras more than once a year. It is seen as true symbol of a quality and gourmet meal. The proof is, Foie Gras is classified as a protected cultural and gastronomic heritage in France. It is usually served as a starter, accompagnied with champagne or liqueur wine with toasted bread and some jam. They are many production of foie gras in France, every one of them as a special process as it is a very artisanal dish. That's the reason why the search for a perfect foie gras is never over! But you will discover that the one of Maison Dubernat may quickly become your favorite ...

image maisonduernet

A authentic boutique at the foot at the Eiffel Tower

Maison Dubernet is one of the oldest and most authentic foie gras boutique in France. The Maison was created in 1864 in the South Ouest of France and since then, their foie gras has always been their biggest sucess ! The boutique located in the 'très chic' 7th arrondissement of Paris is one of the only independent house of foie gras in town, which explain why it is so good and unique. Their foie gras is so special because it is prepared with no less than 14 differents type of spices ! The secret of this recipe is keept as a secret by Muriel and her collegues since many many years ! Don't miss this tasting that will introduces you to one of the French gastronomy's treasure.

image maisonduernet

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