Wine tasting in Paris at Les Petits Domaines

Experience authentic wines from small producers

Welcome at Isabelle's unique wine cellar. Let her guide you through her amazing collection of wine that she personnaly selects in small vineyards only. Every wine you will taste has a story to tell, an authentic personality that reflect a unique fench 'terroir'.

Wines with a unique story

Feed up with the usual standardised wines ? Want to have a taste of the real wines from the French terroir ? To go deeper than 'just' red, white and rosé wine ? You are well arrived. At Les Petits Domaine, Isabelle only propose unique wines from small vineyards that she selects while travelling all around France. Behind every wine you will taste, there's a unique winemaker, unique aromas and original story. Nodoby will tell those stories better than Isabelle. Very warm and welcoming, she is always willing to make you discover the best of her products. She's a real wine lover and her utlimate goal is to communicate her passion for quality wines. Sit down with Isabelle and let you guide through France contryside, smell the terroir, learn about the vineyards and the winemaker. This wine tasting won't be like any other.

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A confidential wine cellar hidden in the 7th arrondissement

Lost in the small cobbled streets of the 7th arrondissement, this wine cellar is a well keept secret by the locals. The frameword is ideal for a wine discovery, indeed, Saint-Germain-des-Près is one of the most charming area of Paris. Very chic and very gourmet, Les Petits Domaines is only one of the excellent wine and food stores that you can find in this arrondissement known for its culinary offer. This arrondissement also called 'Le quartier Latin' meaning the Latin area used to be the intelectual district and was the cradle of the cultural revolution of May 1968. Before or after your wine tatsing don't hesitate to take a walk in the streets, to feel the student atmosphere and admire the many bookshops, the ancient Université Descartes or the many little cafés where Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Boris Vian used to talk about liberty and poetry.

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