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by the Harrington family

Originally from San Diego California, the Cooper family made their first trip abroad with their young child Michael. For this first time, Lindsay and Arthur the parents, have decided to make their long-standing dream come true: celebrate Christmas in Paris!


It’s during Christmas that Paris reveals itself under its most beautiful face : showcases adorned with the most beautiful colors, narrow streets decorated with a thousand lights, the famous Christmas market on the Champs Elysées... No doubt: Paris is never as charming as in the winter period!

The young parents have searched on the Internet the best way to discover Paris and its gastronomy without falling into tourist traps. Soon they found what they were looking for thanks to the excellent TripAdvisor reviews: The Paris Food Passport by Le Food Trip.

The family's visits were spread over three days and three areas out of the five proposed in the Food Passport : le Champs-de-Mars, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Montorgueil.

« We shared some unique and exclusive moments with store owners, as if we were insiders »

First day, first walk and first tasting in the charming 7th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower. The Cooper family did not hesitate for a second: they wanted to taste foie gras, one of the most famous food in France during Christmas.

Muriel runs La Maison Dubernet, one of the oldest foie gras houses in Paris. Her foie gras is prepared according to a traditional method that uses more than 14 different spices. 'Muriel has kept her recipe secret for decades! By tasting its foie gras, it was as if we were part of her secret! We shared a great chat about an exceptional product' says Arthur, who took advantage of the visit to bring back some foie fras to his family in California. « It will be a fabulous Christmas gift for my brother who loves French cuisine so much! »


The next day, it was in the 'très chic' Saint-Germain-des-Prés that the lovely family went for a walk, already excited about the chocolate fondue they were going to eat that day. When they arrived at Les Anysetiers du Roy, our 3 travelers quickly felt like they arrived in chocolate lovers' paradise. Marc and Oliver, two brothers from Provence, propose more than 30 different fondues in which fresh fruits can be dipped.

« We loved this tasting! We settled down in the shop and then we were able to taste 5 different fondue with bananas, kiwi, strawberries... We had a crush for these two brothers! They made Michael taste his first spoon of melted chocolate! » says Lindsay. She adds: « I am also pleasantly surprised that we can easily move around in a pushchair here, Le Food Trip has thought of making flat courses and very easily doable on foot without getting tired ». A real plus when you're carrying around a stroller!

Later in their stay, it was in the very lively and gourmet Montorgueil area that the Harrington had the chance to walk around. After the much-appreciated tasting of 3 chocolate éclairs at the Atelier de l' Éclair, the family went to Kodama for a tea tasting. In this cobbled street of the 2nd arrondissement, the couple discovered Martin and Vincent's little tea haven. « They made us discover their unique Christmas tea, a very special preparation! These two alchemists have made us discover flavors that we never thought to find in a cup of tea. » It is true that Martin and Vincent are exceptional artisans and propose a unique offer of cold brewed teas inspired by their trip to Taiwan.


« We were so excited to discover Paris with our family during this period and especially that this food trip was one of our son's earliest memories! We wanted to discover and taste everything! The Food Passport proved to be very useful. With the map and descriptions of the food artisans, not only did we discovered some of the best French specialties, but we also wandered through typical lanes », says Lindsay.

« We had the chance to taste some of the greatest Christmas French Food »

« Thanks to the Food Trip, we experienced exceptional addresses that insiders could have known! We had the feeling to get to the artisans' house on the recommendation of a friend because we were so well treated! Sometimes while walking from one food shop to another or discussing history and gastronomy with the artisans we felt like we were in a French film! We took advantage of this opportunity to make many Christmas gifts! We are very excited to tell our families about all these products! »

Among the walks on the Christmas market of the Champs Elysées, Michael's first meeting with Santa Claus, visits to museums, the discovery of Parisian architecture, the winter gastronomy and the magical atmosphere, Paris really was the perfect place for the Harrington's first Christmas together