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by the Allister Family

In June 2017, the Allister family came for the third time in Paris. As the parents are food lovers, they wanted to have a food experience with their two daughters. The Food Passport sounded like the perfect opportunity to match all the family’s expectations : flexibility, fun, discovery…


Little tribe, medium tribe, big tribe? All families are welcome to Paris. One of the most pleasant places to be with your children is certainly “Le Champs de Mars”, with a wide grass area at the base of the Eiffel Tower, where you let them run and jump as much as they want. In addition, there are plenty of amazing tasting offered by our partners nearby, as well as many cultural activities. A small slice of heaven!

The Allister family hails from a village near Bristol, England: Cathy the mum, Dave the dad, and their two daughters Abby and Elsa, 8 and 10 years old respectively. They chose France to spend the spring holidays in Vendée and decided to visit Paris for the third time. They already knew a lot about France and are very interested by French gastronomy. They found Le Food Trip by chance on the web, while researching original ways to discover Paris.

« The girls loved it : it was like a food treasure hunt in Paris »

The Allister family began their day at the Champs de Mars. This vast unfenced green area allows your children to run freely and in total safety. And we know how important it is for children to spend their energy. Le Champs de Mars has another great advantage: it hosts the Eiffel Tower. Why not seize this fabulous opportunity and begin the day with a visit to this old iron lady? You will be stunned once at the top, discovering Paris in a 360 degrees view

In the middle of the park, there's a puppet theater that you won’t resist for sure. Very close to the Champs de Mars, you’ll find the musée du Quai Branly: an anthropology museum with exhibits on African, Asian, Oceanian and American civilisations. A colourful museum, with an impressive green wall at the entrance. Enjoy the wonderful scenography inside: subdued light, bright and sacred objects in showcases, exotic cultures… Everything is an invitation to dream and travel.

After spending time in the neighborhood, the Allister family chose to start their Food Trip. “We decided to let the kids chose the first tasting”. Using the map and reading the description, Elsa the 9 years-old girl chose “Les merveilleux de Fred” for their first tasting just because she loved the name. In fact, the whole family went crazy in front of the marvellous little sugared and mysterious balls.


Those cakes are a real blessing. They consist of two meringues held together by whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. This sweet is a lot lighter than it looks and its meltingly-soft meringue, as well as its delicious topping, has converted many people... With a bit of luck, you will be able to see how these little delicacies are made through the shop window. It’s a real sight! “Les merveilleux de Fred” is located rue Saint-Dominique.

Just a five-minute walk away, you'll find “Le Petit Duc” and their famous calissons. What is exactly a calisson? This delicious candy is one of many specialties from Provence. Candied melons and oranges are mixed with almond paste. The mixture is laid on a layer of unleavered bread and topped with royal icing. Calissons have been considered a true benediction in Provence for many years. Indeed, it was thought that eating them protected against the bubonic plague… It has become so famous, that its authentic taste is sometimes lost through mass-production! But luckily, you’ve found the right place to experiment the true taste of the Calissons, with a warm welcome from Christelle, the host and very passionate biscuit-maker.


Just outside the shop, do not miss the Lavirotte building, on 29 avenue Rapp. The facade built on 1901 is one of the iconic Art Nouveau architecture building in Paris. Here is a little funny to play with your kids: there are different animals pictured on the building: a cat, some turtles, buffalos and birds. Can you spot them?

The Food Trip goes on and the two girls have a lot of fun using the Food Passport. “I never seen them walking so fast in Paris” admits their father. “It is always difficult to entertain them when we walk in Paris, but it sounds like this food treasure hunt will help us a lot” adds their mother. The family finally heads to l’Epicerie Fine rive gauche to taste the Fondant Baulois, an awarded chocolate cake. Pascal and his wife Nathalie have created this original grocery shop offering more than 2000 different products made by small producers from all over France. A great time with awesome flavours… The family leaves with some great souvenirs !


Hopefully, the day isn't over yet and you have time to visit other places. Take your pick from the Invalides museum with Napoleon's grave, the Orsay museum and its impressionist paintings collection. Across the Seine, Le Palais de la Découverte is another very good choice: this Parisian scientific museum abounds with beautiful, entertaining and interactive science experiences. What’s more, the stage design is really impressive and the temporary exhibits always fascinating, a true paradise for curious families…


Their own self-guided food tour near the Eiffel Tower